The conduct of athletes is closely observed in many areas of life. It is important that their behavior be above reproach in order that they might bring credit and honor to themselves and the school. Athletics is a valuable opportunity for all of our students. Students are encouraged to compete in as many sports as time and talent allows. We do not favor specialization in sports.

Valencia High School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation and the Empire League and operates the athletic program under the guidance and direction of those organizations. At all times, the rules and the "spirit" of the rules of the C.I.F. will be followed. Our school policies may be more stringent than the C.I.F. but never in conflict, and never more lenient.

Following is a set of standards for the student athletes at Valencia High School. It defines their responsibilities and the school's expectations, as they relate to participation. Participation in ahtletocs is a "PRIVILEGE" not a right, and may be revoked by school personnel when the rules and regulations are violated.


By participating in athletics at Valencia High School , a student has a responsibility to uphold certain standards expected of our athletes. All athletes will adhere to the following grooming and dress rules.

    1. Hair styles are to be neat and clean. The Varsity Head Coach will determine when an
        athlete needs to cut their hair.
    2. For all athletes, no jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc.) is to be worn to practice or contests. 
    3. Beards or moustaches on athletes will be left up to the discretion of the Varsity Head Coach.
    4. Athletes are not allowed to wear bandanas or do-rags on campus, during practice, or 
        during any athletic contest. 


Academic Eligibility
The athlete should achieve and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. He/She must meet the C.I.F academic requirements to be eligible. Incoming freshman are scholastically eligible. Non-Freshman must have passed the equivalent of 20 semester units of new work the previous semester..


All athletes will be expected to attend the post-season awards ceremony. Any exception to this policy must be cleared with the Head Coach and/or Athletic Director prior to the ceremony.



Valencia High School athletes represent themselves, their parents, school and community, and are expected to conduct themselves properly at all times. Athletes are expected to display exemplary behavior in the classroom, on campus, at school athletic contests or other school events. Athletes involved in activities, which reflect negatively upon him or her, the team or the school, are subject to suspension from athletics.


Profanity or Vulgar Language directed at any coach, teacher, administrator, CIF officials, or opposing school team member will not be tolerated

First Offense: Suspended from athletics for a minimum of one game or contest

Second Offense: Suspended for the remainder of the season of sport.


Conduct On The Bus to and from games is important to the morale and spirit of the team. Any conduct that reflects poorly on the school and team will not be tolerated.

First Offense: Suspended from athletics for a minimum of one game or contest.

Second Offense: Suspended for the remainder of the season of sport.


Involvement in Criminal Activity of a serious nature shall result in a one calendar year suspension.


Fighting On Campus with another student or during an athletic contest with another school's player will not be tolerated.

First Offense: Suspended from athletics for a minimum of one game and a maximum of the season of sport.

Second Offense: Suspended from athletics for the remainder of the season of sport.


Any equipment issued to the athlete becomes his/her responsibility. Any abuse or loss of this property will result in the athlete being billed for it. Any athlete who has not turned in the equipment or turned in damaged equipment will not be issued any new equipment, nor be allowed to transfer into the next sport until the bill is cleared. School uniforms (that which are purchased by the school) are not to be worn to school or in the community.


All athletic awards are presented by the Associated Student Body upon the recommendation of the coach and athletic director. For an athlete to be eligible for such a recommendation, he/she must:

     1. Have finished the season in good standing, including CIF playoffs.
     2. Meet the individual sports criteria for lettering.
     3. Attend the awards ceremony (BANQUET) Certificates will be awarded for all levels in all


Locker Room
All athletes will be issued a locker in the locker room and will be expected to help maintain the facility in an orderly fashion. Please put all trash and cans in the proper receptacles, and clean shoes outside.

In addition all athletes are expected to adhere to the following rules:

   1. No horseplay or swearing
   2. No cleats to be worn in the locker room.
   3. No breakable bottles.
   4. No sharing lockers or combinations.



OUTSIDE PARTICIPATION: CIF regulations prohibits participation in the same sport during that season of the sport (e.g. playing Little League baseball during spring season of sport). In addition, athletes who are competing on a school team and are in-season may compete on a team in a different sport outside the school's jurisdiction during that season of sport (e.g. Playing club soccer during football or volleyball season) but only with permission from the school coach.

QUITING: If an athlete quits a sport after the first contest has been played he/she will not be allowed to try out or practice with the next sport until the season of the first sport is over. If possible, the student will be transferred into a regular P.E. class. If this is not possible, the student will be moved in "0" period.

REMOVAL FROM A TEAM: The coach has the authority to revoke the priviledge of participation if and when an athlete does not comply with the team and/or school rules or when he/she is involved in activities, which reflect negatively upon the team or Valencia High School. Any athlete removed from a team for disciplinary reasons will be moved into a regular P.E. class or "0" period. Also, any athlete removed from the athletic program will be ineligible for a letter-award or other honors in that sport. All transfers must go through the athletic director.


The athlete is to show respect for all coaches, teachers, officials, spectators, school facilities and equipment at home games, and especially when playing away. Failure to do so will result in an athlete being suspended from athletics for a time period to be determined by the Athletic Director.

Good sportmanship is one of the most critical componenets of interscholastic competition. Valencia High School athletes should demonstrate a positive attitude by adhering to the following:

    1. Cooperate with coaches, officials, and fellow players.
    2. Respect the official's judgement and interpretation of the rules
    3. Do not argue or make nonverbal gestures which indicate disagreement. 
    4. Demonstrate self-control at all times.
    5. Treat opponenets with the respect that is accorded a guest or a friend.
    6. Try your utmost to win within the rules.
    7. Shake hands with opponents prior to the contest and wish them luck. Acknowledge
        opponents with a handshake after the game.


No student is to be in the training room unless under supervision of a trainer or a coach. Athletes are expected to adhere to the rules posted by the trainer and should conduct themselves properly at all times. Failure to abide by the trainers's expectations, and the posted rules, may result in the athlete losing his training room priviledges.

It is the responsibility of the athlete to maintain the standards set by the Valencia High School Athletic Code at all times. These include maintaining academic standards, giving respectful attention to all classroom activities, maintaining proper training habits, being prompt and maintaining good attendance , and showing respect for students and faculty members. Failure to abide by these standards may result in the athlete losing his/her athletic "PRIVILEGE."

Athletes must ride to and from all contests away from home on district provided transportation and will be expected to follow the district's rules of conduct for riding district buses or have a waiver on file in the Activities Office. In special instances, an athlete may with good reason, ride with his/her parents or guardians only. This must be cleared by completing the proper paperwork with the school office and the approval of the coach and athletic director at least 24 hours prior to the contest.