Dear Parent/Guardian and Student-Athlete

Over the past few years, it has come to our attention that some parents and students have some serious misconceptions rearding the high school competitive athletic program. Please take a few moments to read this letter. Hopefully, this will help you understand how a competitive program is conducted and what comprises our expectations and philosophy.

1. In each program, a coach and/or coaches are hired by the school district to be responsible for team selection. Criteria for selections are established by the head coach. This may be a highly subjective process. 

2. Valencia High School's athletic program continues to be highly competitive in all of our sports. We are a large school with limited opportunities. We are not able to place every athlete on a team who wishes to compete. While this is not our desire, it is a reality. The hardest thing our coaches have to do is tell young people they will not be on a team.

If your son/daughter is selected for the team, both of you should be prepared to accept placement at any level, i.e. frosh, junior varsity or varsity. It is disturbing to have students make a team than quit because they were not placed where they think they should be placed. By doing this, they may have taken away someone else's opportunity to be on that team.

Normally our coaches have a very short amount of time to make team selections. They try very hard to keep the most talented athletes, and appropriately place them on the proper team. Coaches choose the athletes that give them the best chance for competitive success.

3. Your son/daughters participation on a "Club Team" does not guarantee them a spot on a high school team. While we believe players can gain valuable experience outside the school's athletic program, neither parent not student should count on this type of participation to "guarantee" a spot on a high school team.

4. In order to make a varsity team as a senior, a player must be outstanding and also play a position of need. Underclass student-athletes possessing these qualities have the same opportunity to make a team as the senior does. 

5. The main goal of a competitive athletic program is to put the most talented players of a team in competition to win the contest. Starting positions and playing time are not guaranteed to seniors making a team, or anyone else for that matter.

6. It is extremely important that everyone acknowledge the ultimate authority of the coach is to determine STRATEGY, PLAYER SELECTION and PLAYING TIME of each player.

7. As parents try not to re-live your athletic life through your athlete in a way that creates pressure. You fumbled or struckout too; you lost, as well as won. You were frightened, you backed off at times, and you were not always heroic. Don't pressure them because of your pride.

8. Parents should always remember that athletes tend to exaggerate, both when praised and when criticized. Temper your reaction and investigate before over-reacting.

9. Teach your child to enjoy the thrill of competiton, to be "out there trying," to be working to improve their skills and attitude. Help them to develop the feel for competing, for trying hard, for having fun.

All athletic teams have financial needs that the school cannot always provide for them. We need parents to work cooperatively with each other and the schools personnel to help solve these financial needs.