The Valencia High School tradition has been to win with honor. At Valencia High School we desire to field champions at the varsity level, but only by maintaining the integrity of our athletes, our school, and our community. At the lower levels we strive to develop champions, by teaching the fundamental skills of the sport in conjunction with the lessons of sportmanship, responsibility and teamwork.

Valencia High School is a member of the California Interscholastic Federation and the Empire League and operates the athletic program under the guidance and direction of those organizations. At all times, the rules and the "spirit" of the rules of the C.I.F. will be followed. Our school policies may be more stringent than that of the C.I.F. but never in conflict, and never more lenient.


All of our coaches are teachers first and the athletic fields or courts are an extension of their classroom.
All of our coaches strive to provide a safe, positive environment for all of our athletes.
All of our coaches strive to treat all of their athletes consistenly and fairly, especially in regards to following the team rules that the coach feels are important to their program.
All of our coaches strive to be positive role models, at all times.


Student-ahletes who elect to voluntarily participate in athletics must realize that their participation is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT. It requires commitment to a team, coach, and community. This privilege may be revoked by school personnel when the rules and regulations are violated.
Student-athletes must commit to academics to maintain their athletic eligibility.
Student-athletes must cooperate with coaches, officials, and fellow players at all times.
Student-athletes must respect the official's judgement and interpretation of the rules. Do not argue or make non-verbal gestures which indicate disagreement.
Student-athletes that want to remain a part of a team must follow the rules outlined by their coach as well as those outlined by Valencia High School.


Parents should be a supportive fan of their student-athlete, the team, sport, coach and school.
Parents need to exhibit positive sportmanship during athletic contests. They must refrain from inciting the fan base through actions or language.
Parents must constantly remind their student-athlete to the importance of getting good grades.
Parents must assure that their student-athlete attends all scheduled practices and athletic contests.
Parents must assure that their student-athlete abides by the P.Y.L.U.S.D. Athletic Code of Conduct and all team rules.


It is imperative that parents respect the position of the coach and direct any concerns to the COACH FIRST. If you wish to discuss a problem or issue concerning your student-athlete, begin by contacting his/her coach. Often the problem or issue is resolved at this level. This is a mandatory first step.


The treatment of their student-athlete.
Ways to help their student-athlete improve.
Coaches expectations for their student-athlete and the team.
Sanctions incurred by their student-athlete.
Scheduling of practices (holidays, summer programs, etc.)


Placement on the team.
Playing time.
Strategies used by the coach during games
Other student-athletes on the team


1. Contact the Coach.
2. Contact the Athletic Director.
3. Contact the Principal.

SPECIAL NOTE: It is very difficult to accept that your student-athlete is not playing as much as you hoped he or she would. Coaches are professionals. They make judgements and the prospective decisions are based on what they believe to be in the best interest of the team. The coach must take into account ALL members of the team, not just your son or daughter.